420 Lifestyle & Music Festival

Jaye. IV_968360

         The 420 Lifestyle and music festival was a day to remember in Africa,it was an event that had the very best of the of Nigerian Youth from the University of Lagos, showcasing there swag with a lot of activities like the celeb beach soccer, burn fireworks, twerk-off til dawn, sneaker show, live performance and rap battles where the looser was tossed in the beach. It was a not a party neither was it a show but a festival which was a celebration of culture and an expression of a lifestyle.

     Hiphopheist was there to witness the most colorful gathering of talented youth, with the protest the lingered inside the school premises and forced all the students away from the school premises, they decided to break away from the norm a pursue there God given talent, you know the saying ” all work and no play makes jack a dull boy”, they are not known to be dull but smart, agile and active even under pressure.

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